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Bridge - Mosman, Sydney InSitu Exhibition, Laminated Tassie Oak/MDF, Oiled, Length 2359mm.

Gate Maquette - `Shelf Life', Delmar Gallery 2013

From Whence I Came - Deakin University Small Sculpture Prize 2013

Defined Space - Proposal SINV 2012

Statements of Work

Artist Statement Mosman 2013

Mosman - `in Situ 2013’

Bridge to Cross

Constantly we are reminded of life’s journey, whether it be on the news, a song, a story between friends or whatever it is not so important, but it is what brought me to the idea for my  new work `Bridge to Cross’.

In this work I wanted to interpret how life’s decisions start off with a first step, once taken the journey can take many forms with no idea of how or when it might end.

I would like to think that through line and form the sculpture gives us a bridge to our thoughts, allowing us a moment to reflect and ponder our future.

Gallipoli Statement 2013A

Courage under Fire

Gallipoli Prize 2013 - Proposal

While the Gallipoli campaign raged, another milestone in Australia’s Military History had begun in Mesopotamia, with the first overseas involvement of the newly formed Australian Flying Corps (AFC). Similarly like at Gallipoli it too produced further examples of gallantry and respect on both sides.

One such example was the mission carried out by the AFC to blow up telegraph poles just out of Bagdad, prior to an impending assault.

Lt Thomas White and his British observer Francis Yeats-Brown volunteered for the mission knowing quite well there was little chance of their return due to the limited range of the Farman Aircraft.  In blowing up the telegraph poles the aircraft was damaged leaving the two airmen stranded. They were then set upon by Bedouin tribesmen on one side and the Turkish Cavalry on the other. In no time they were overwhelmed by the Bedouins and during the affray that pursued were wounded, Yeats-Brown severely. At that moment, with White trying to protect Yeats-Brown their fate seemed dire, however, they were saved by the intervention of two Turkish Officers.

Consequently imprisoned, White eventually escaped and later was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and twice mentioned in Despatches, after the war he became a prominent Australian Politician. Yeats-Brown also escaped and after the war settled in England, where he became a well published author.

Rockwood Cemetery - Hidden

Hidden - Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Prize

The Gate

A place of lose, a place of memory, when visiting a cemetery my thoughts always turn to my father, looking to understand the potential of so much love and yet left with childhood memories of so much grief together with moments of happiness.

My father was one of the survivors of the Japanese prison of war camp `Changi’, an experience that he suffered mentally, possibly more so after the war than during. As a result our family faced both physical and mental hardships throughout my childhood.

This work is about the memory of my father who I love and only now begin to understand. The Gate, Japanese in design, represents the passing through from the profane to the sacred. With the addition of the revolving glass door, The Gate also becomes a metaphor for my father’s experience as a POW which was completely the opposite, passing from the sacred to the profane.

The Gate is also a tribute to my father’s workmanship as a carpenter, working with the tools he once held allows me to be with him.

Woollahra Prize Entry 2012 - Veiled Identity

The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2012 - Proposal

Artist Statement  `Veiled Identity’– Neil Douglas Laredo

`Veiled Identity’, is looking at the other, that part of us that is hidden under a veil. As we go about our lives putting on a face for our public and hiding our true selves. The sculpture represents identity as a mirror image of parts, separated by a transparent plain, while connected by a central core.

I often see the irony in my work when I look at the complex issues I struggle with and the minimal approach in which I try to resolve them. It is however, what minimal expression is when it works.

Finalist, Deakin Small Sculpture Prize 2013

From Whence I Came

The Minimal and the Abstract, when I break it down it is what it is, from my inner thoughts a sense of serenity, something so Minimal and beautiful without blemish. Abstract in that I cannot quite grasp its shape or immensity. Dwarfed in my mind I stand alone, from whence I came.

Space Between - Loneliness

Look at the space between two parts as loneliness and then that empty space overflows with emotion in a transient state.

With complete transparent planes encapsulating a moment in time the Space Between captures a time within itself, that has no movement except for what one brings to the space as we pass through.

2+1 = Family

The significance of three as the sum of oneness is expressed in many ways in many cultures.

So it is that the geometrical phenomena, that two planes cannot form a solid without the union of a third plane, is the essence of this abstract interpretation of Family.